Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr. (1935-2013) and Alkalinity

Dr. Morter was a primary mentor to me.  His work on energy fields and alkalinity form a foundational part of Emergence, (T.E.P.).  A Nobel Peace Prize was given to Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, (1883-1970) in 1931 for his work on Alkalinity (Ph).  Dr. Morter taught that acidosis (low Ph) is  a major factor in ill health.  Inflammation, poor methylation and free radical damage are all  acknowledged as factors in disease states.  They all stem from a toxic acid condition in the body.  Dr. Morter taught that the primary factor in toxic acid conditions of the  body was not diet and environmental exposure.  That it was indeed stressful thinking and limiting beliefs in the conscious mind and emotions in the subconscious mind.

Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, (1927-2012)

Dr. Hawkins, author of many books, world-renown teacher, physician and mystic has also influenced the foundation of The Emergence Process.  He is credited with the Map of Consciousness, which is a non-subjective logarithmic scale of understanding hidden determinants of human behavior.  For a greater appreciation of context/content, appearance/essence, truth/falsehood, subjectivity/reality and dualities refer to his books and lectures on these and many other subjects.