About T.E.P.

The Emergence Process

The Emergence Process (T.E.P.) is a leading-edge healing-and-wellness process founded by Dr. Roland Francis Phillips.  It integrates over 30 body-mind-nutrition techniques studied and utilized by Dr. Phillips in his clinical setting.  Since 1982, Dr. Phillips has personally given over 300,000 client treatments.

To better understand this process, let’s explore the two schools of thought regarding our body and its care – Allopathic Care and Holistic Care.  Allopathic is the medical model.  It basically recognizes the body as a chemical entity, based on atoms and above and is linear in its understanding.  It is based on cause and effect and focuses on body symptoms.  Disease diagnosis is necessary to initiate treatment protocols in this model.  Drugs or surgery are prescribed to increase, decrease or stop a body function (symptom).  The control and management of symptoms is the realm of Allopathic.  Symptoms are the chief concern.

Prescription drugs, vaccinations and surgery are all allopathic in nature.  Something “outside the body” needs to “manage the body”.  This has been the prevailing belief in Western Medicine for over 150 years.  This viewpoint is not good or bad, right or wrong.  It is simply a belief system.  Allopathic Care truly shines in life-threatening conditions and traumas.

The Emergence Process is Holistic, which views the body as a self-regulating, self-maintaining and self-repairing creation.  In Holistic, or Quantum models, a person is viewed as much greater than the sum of their body parts.  Though symptoms are recognized as a current experience, they are not the focus of care.    There are various ways a holistic practitioner views symptoms, or body awareness.

  1. A feedback regarding current and/or old habits in need of evolution
  2. A wake-up call to explore outdated and/or dualistic beliefs no longer serving the individual system.
  3. A call to reconciliation/change of perception of old experiences, feelings, thoughts or sensations which, if left unchallenged, may create a life that is less than optimum and fulfilling.
  4. A call from Source/God to let go of Attachments and embrace Aversions. The journey of the soul is encouraged rather than the life of Gulliver, which was restricted and bound for a time.

The Holistic realm, also known as Quantum, is one of atoms and below.  It includes energy fields, vibrations and frequencies.  Even if we are not aware of these realities, they contribute to the overall pattern of ease or dis-ease in the whole human system.  The Holistic model is not limited to the physical body.  Emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, beliefs, habits, intuition, inspiration, peace, joy, love, illumination and enlightenment are all included in Holistic care.  Free will and personal responsibility are paramount, as well as intention and imagination.

Someone can be taking a prescribed drug when they enter the Holistic model of care.  It is very common that, as their being becomes more in alignment with Source Energy (God Energy), they need to consult their prescribing physician regarding the need to decrease the drug’s usage.  As the body re-aligns every layer and level of its functioning, a prescribed drug may now hinder this self-regulating and self-maintaining ability.  It is always recommended to closely monitor prescribed drug usage with the physician who prescribed it.


Attachments and Aversions

Inherent to every human being is a survival instinct.  We believe the Ego is a hyperbolized survival reflex inherent to human kind and consciousness.  If you are human you have an ego.

Due to family line, programming and experiences under 10 years of age we develop “the story of the false identity” aka “false self”.  The “false identity” is actually a wiring of experiences and data built on body survival engineered in the narcissistic and naïve mind of a child.  This mindset was formed early on.  If it is not reconciled, not updated, we continually engage the fight/flight neurologic survival reflex, which then attract situations into our lives, or we create those situations to fit the picture of who and how we believe life to be:

-one big tug of war  >>  get/not get

-battle between  >>  winner/loser

-fight for  >>  gain/loss

-proving  >> self rightous/others as wrong


Mind Body Questioning

Dr. George Joseph Goodheart, Jr (1918-2008) founded Applied Kinesiology, which is manual muscle testing.  We do minimal manual muscle testing in The Emergence Process.  The system we utilize in the majority of our testing is leg length testing.  Leg length testing was pioneered by Dr. Richard VanRumpt (1904-1987).  Dr. VanRumpt is the founder and developer of Directional Non-Force Technique (D.N.F.T.) and was a chiropractic genius.  My mentor, Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr. (1935-2013), founder and developer of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) further utilized the process of asking a question as an impartial observer and noticing the change in a client’s leg lengths.  From here, we can ask “yes” and the absence of “yes”, which is a “no”, in determining various stressors interfering with our body’s optimum functioning.

Filters and Memory 

Doctors John Diamond, M.D., Dr. David Hawkins (1927-2012) and Dr. Lawrence Newsome (1930-2012, founder of Bio-Kinetics Health Systems (B.K.)) all used various symbols and filters to determine if an aberrant, outdated memory program was running in the body/mind.  A short list of the categories we incorporate in The Emergence Process to check for interference patterns includes Structure, Biochemistry, Electro Magnetics, Emotions, Epigenetics, Diet & Nutrition, Repetitive Thoughts, Emotions and/or Symptoms, Will to Wellness and False Self.

Priority and the Four Pillars

It has been sufficiently demonstrated by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) and the A-O Scanners, that intensity of various systems can be qualified and prioritized to increase the efficiency of the updating process.  We begin The Emergence Process by rating overall body systems functioning from numbers 1 to 9.

Number 5 is a balanced system, optimized in its ability to function

Numbers 1 to 4 are more chronic conditions in energy utilization, underworking

Numbers 6 to 9 are more acute, over energized systems, overworking

We also determine which of four basic Pillars of Life (as taught by Joseph P. Ghabi, author of “The Blueprint of Your Soul”) is most in need of balance and harmony.  The four pillars are Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  Bringing attention to these areas, we are shown which pillar is most in need of alignment and updating in The Emergence Process.

Attachment Word

In classical spiritual teachings, an attachment is an area of desire.  It is what we are addicted to.  It’s “payoff”, (personal benefit) reinforces the ego as source identity, which perpetually reinstates the victim/perpetrator duality as a filter for how we see ourselves and the world at large.  Our attachments create an attraction filed for bringing into our lives people, places, circumstances and events to reinforce the “attachment”.  Examples of ego “attachments” are pride, demanding, vanity, anger, bitterness, desire, craving, neediness, fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, sorrow, loss, grief, guilt, powerless, self-pity, despair, depression, blame, embarrassment, humiliation…. to name a few.

The Aversion

The aversion is the higher emotion we avoid.  If and when embraced whole heartedly, it will propel us into inspired action and peace, transforming our life experiences.  The aversion is always the mean between two vices:  the vices being the over or under expression of the aversion.   Examples of aversions are understanding, wisdom, courage, quietness, temperance, creative, tranquility, harmony, humble, forgiving, accepting, adaptable, virtuous, fulfilled, consistency, inspired, moral, reliable, discipline, versatile, intuitive, devotion, gentleness and self-acceptance….to name a few.

Stacking- Unwinding the Stack

In many injury, relational, functional and metabolic belief systems there is a stack of lower emotional energy.  In The Emergence Process we literally “stack” many different energy patterns to create a greater unwinding of the neural network and the false self.  This results in a more efficient downloading and awareness of the True Self.

Breathing Patterns and Eye Positions

Experiences occur very specifically with a breathing pattern and eye position at the moment of the experience.  Knowing this, we use these functions to access and update memory patterns.

Sound, Light, Touch, Movement:  Neuroplasticity

The language of the subconscious mind/field is the senses, pictures and emotions.  If we want a different signal going into the body/field we must update what is going into the brain using body language.  The brain/filed will compare and contrast these signals with what is already running in the body  (prioritized on the table) and determine if field and physiology is appropriate for present time need and present time consciousness.

Touch as Primary Determinant of Appropriate Field/Mind Function

Your Emergence Practitioner will touch/palpate various reflex points in the body:  the skull, jaw, spine, abdomen, under the arms and extremities, to assess normal tone in a face down or face up position.  Various points may be sore from lactic acid and/or the inflammation process

Soreness can indicate a memory engram (pattern) communicating from the brain/field/body an experience from the past (perhaps thousands of years old from your family ancestry!).  This touch/palpation examination serves as a baseline of pre-testing.  A post-testing will show how much body/mind/filed updating has been accomplished or still needs to be addressed.